Parkinson’s can make daily tasks more difficult to perform. We have introduced TIP TUESDAY!

Tuesday, April 27:
This TIP TUESDAY we are going to give some tips on bathing. Here are some ways to improve your abilities in the bath or shower.

  • Install 2 handrails. These should be professionally installed when possible. Never use towel bars, soap dishes or faucets as handrails
  • Lower your hot water temperature to less than 120 degrees
  • Place non-skid rubber bath mats in all bathtubs and shower stalls
  • Install a tub rail for support and safety when getting in and out of the tub if you do not have access to a shower and use a tub for bathing
  • Use a handheld shower-head if you sit on a tub transfer bench or shower chair while showering
  • Wash with pump soap instead of bar soap, which is hard to hold and can leave a dangerous, slippery film on the floor
  • Install a shelf in the tub or shower area so you do not have to bend to pick up items


Tuesday, April 20:
This TIP TUESDAY is all about ‘freezing’. Now … some may wonder what exactly is ‘freezing’?

Freezing is the temporary, involuntary inability to move. It can occur at any time. For example, your feet may seem to stick to the floor or you may be unable to get up from a chair.

Here are some tricks to help ease after a freezing episode:

  • March
  • Shift your body weight from one leg to another
  • Listen to rhythmic music and step with the beat
  • Step over an imaginary line in front of you
  • Use a mobile laser device that creates a line for you to step over


Tuesday, April 13:
This week our TIP TUESDAY is all about meal prep! Planning ahead is key to success in the kitchen. Gather all the ingredients and utensils you might need before you start cooking. This will save energy and reduce the number of trips across the kitchen.

Be extremely careful when cutting during meal prep. Sharp knives can be hazardous, due to tremor that many people with Parkinson’s disease experience.

  • Adaptive cutting boards have built-up sides and non-slip backing to help keep items in place when cutting.
  • Weighted knives can decrease tremor and allow for easier usage.
  • Build up utensil handles to make them easier to grasp for meal preparation and dining.
  • Another good kitchen tool is a pot stand. These have suction cups on the bottom to stick to the counter and are helpful for pouring and mixing.


Tuesday, April 6:
Parkinson’s can slow down the process of getting dressed – so here are a few helpful tips to make the activity a little less hectic.

  • Take your time getting dressed. Hurrying can lead to stress, which can make Parkinson’s symptoms worse.
  • Consider waiting for a time to dress when your medications are working well and you have the best mobility possible.
  • Do a few stretching exercises before getting dressed to warm up muscles.
  • If one arm or leg has more stiffness, put this limb into the sleeve or pant leg first.
  • Sit down when dressing. Choose a chair with firm support and arms.
  • Use a footstool and consider assistive devices like long handled shoehorns to make it easier to put on shoes and socks.
  • Consider adaptive clothing tools such as a button hook, dressing stick, zipper pulls or sock aid helper.


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