WALK-IT for Parkinson’s has become WALK THE BLOCK for Parkinson’s for 2020!


Right now, coming together looks very different. COVID-19 has changed our world as we know it. As our leaders say, this time we are in is our new “normal” for the foreseeable future and now, that includes our walk.

We won’t be able to come together in person but we can still keep our fighting spirit and do all that we can to continue to ensure there is support for people with Parkinson’s in our communities. Our theme for Parkinson’s Awareness Month, was that we are unstoppable and we will continue to be unstoppable, together in heart.

So, what will this year look like? You will still be able to register online. In fact – we encourage you to! Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable, we will make sure we are here for you to walk you through the steps and teach you how to use the tools online. You will still have the opportunity to collect cash and cheques and use the paper pledge form.  We will make sure that come closer to walk time, you will have instructions on how to hand in any donations you receive.

You will still have an opportunity to be part of the kick off! We are planning to host an online event to kick off the walk, that we will make available through video chat and social media so that you can see everyone else who is walking alongside you in spirit. You will still walk!  This is the fun part!

This is your chance to grab those t-shirts from past walks and wear them proudly as you WALK THE BLOCK for Parkinson’s. Make signs to carry, tie balloons around your wrist, your walker, or your wheelchair! Bring along the family pet and dress them up in a t-shirt or a bow. Take pictures and videos to share on social media, share with your family and friends and share with us!

Show your community the fighting spirit that we know is in you. Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to show the world the HOPE and STRENGTH that we have as a Parkinson’s community. We know the spirit this community has and we know that YOU are the very BEST at not letting any obstacles stop you. We know you are passionate, resilient and that there’s hundreds of others just like you all working together to make this Parkinson’s community the amazing support network that it is.

So, let’s continue in that spirit and be unstoppable this September as we WALK THE BLOCK for Parkinson’s

Stay tuned for more details to come!