Volunteer Profile: Wayne Walden

Wayne Walden and his wife, Meg, began volunteering in 1998 in support of their friend, Alan Ward, who was living with Parkinson’s. Alan and his wife, Isabel, were very committed to volunteering for Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario and to creating awareness of Parkinson’s in the Southwestern Ontario community. As a result, Wayne offered to help with the walk in London.

The progression of their roles involved being on the London walk committee for several years, followed by running the Ingersoll satellite walk for a number of years with the help of their walking club and friends. In 2012 they helped start the Oxford County walk for Parkinson’s at South Gate Centre in Woodstock.

When asked why he volunteers, Wayne responded, “We have a lot of good memories shared with very special people we have met affected by this terrible disease. We have participated in fun activities like BBQ’s with these people.” Wayne continues, “Volunteering is beneficial for everyone as we work together and learn from each other. It gives us more meaning in our lives. Volunteering helps to move away from always thinking about oneself.”

Wayne’s wife and friends have become involved in volunteering for Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario because of his involvement. Wayne continues to volunteer after 18 years because there is a need in the Oxford community. He encourages others to get involved.

Wayne adds, “It has been a real pleasure working for Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario these many years, with such a fun group of positive people.”

If you are interested in helping to make a difference by volunteering for Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario, please contact Vickie Thomas at 1-888-851-7376 or [email protected].