The Canadian Open Parkinson Network (C-OPN)

We would like to share with you some exciting news: the launch of the Canadian Open Parkinson Network (C-OPN). This is a pan-Canada initiative bridging people, data and resources to accelerate discoveries in Parkinson’s disease. This project enabled the creation of three distinct infrastructures:

1. National Patient Registry: linking potential research participants to scientists across Canada conducting research studies and clinical trials

2. De-identified Database: capturing demographic, medical and cognitive patient information over time as well as brain imaging data to support cutting edge scientific investigations

3. Biobank: collecting biological specimen (e.g., blood) and storing them in a research biobank to enable genetic and other scientific analyses

To learn more information about the network click the following link that will take you to the C-OPN website. If you are a Canadian living with Parkinson’s disease or Parkinson Plus Syndrome, and you are interested in participating click the following link