Fran Gordon’s Story (2016)

Fran Gordon Photo Fran Gordon In 2000, Fran Gordon’s husband, Alan, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Although the diagnosis was suspected as early as 1993, the news was still shocking for both Fran and Alan. Together their journey with the life altering disease continuously changes with each... Read More

Gerald Freeman’s Story (2016)

Gerald Freeman Jane Freeman's journey with Parkinson's began in early 1983 with a noticeable awkwardness developing in her left hand.  It was investigated by Dr. Duke, a neurologist in Hamilton ON. After a series of neurological tests there were no conclusive results. It was only after a trial of Parkinson medication that it was determined that Jane's diagnoses was in fact Parkinson's. Gerald and Jane (age 39 with a young family of 5 boys) found it a worrisom... Read More