Ken Woods’ Story

Ken Woods - Owen Sound When someone is diagnosed with Parkinson’s, it affects their entire family – especially those closest to them.  When Ken Woods’ wife Mary was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Ken became her main caregiver and had to make many choices revolving around her needs. Ken first participated in the walk in Owen Sound 5 years ago because it was important for him to help find a cure for Parkinson’s. “My favourite part of the walk is the com... Read More

Nelson Sleno’s Story

Nelson Sleno - Orangeville and Area When Nelson Sleno was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 15 years ago at the age of 48, it was more than difficult to adapt. There weren’t any events for Parkinson’s in Orangeville yet, he didn’t know of any services available and he didn’t know anyone else who dealt with the disease. Nelson was a teacher for 31 years, a high level competitive weightlifter, a practicing Black Belt in Karate, a downhill mountain biker and a golf... Read More

Laura Lampkin’s Story

Laura Lampkin – London and District Being diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder like Parkinson’s disease at any age can be shocking; being diagnosed before you’ve even turned 50 years old is frightening. This is the reality for 20% of those diagnosed with the disease, and it is not an easy diagnosis to accept. Laura was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease when she was only 41 years old. It was very difficult for her to deal with this challenge, particularly as... Read More

Jerry McDonnell’s Story

Jerry McDonnell - Goderich Since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Jerry McDonnell of Goderich just wanted to do something to raise awareness of the disease.  He didn’t really know how to do that until the prospect of bringing WALK-IT for Parkinson’s to Goderich came up.  “WALK-IT for Parkinson’s was exactly what I was looking for to help raise money for research and to raise awareness that there is a Parkinson’s Support Group in Goderich,” said Jerry.... Read More

Carol Stemmler’s Story

Carol Stemmler - Chatham-Kent Being diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder like Parkinson’s disease before you’ve even turned 50 years old almost always comes as a shock. At such a young age, this diagnosis disrupts your future physically, mentally, financially, socially and emotionally. When Carol Stemmler was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 18 years ago, she was only 45 years old. But she decided that she would not let the disease get in her way. She felt that beca... Read More

Peggy Easton’s Story

Peggy Easton – Brant-Norfolk Peggy Easton got involved with the walk 3 years ago with her two sisters, Lorrie and Sherry, to raise money in honour of their father who has Parkinson's disease. Peggy said it was important for them to get involved because “we see the daily impact of the symptoms of Parkinson’s, how they affect quality of life and progress a little each day.” An important goal of WALK-IT for Parkinson’s is to create more awar... Read More

Joe Renaud’s Story (2016)

Joe Renaud The Parkinson’s diagnosis nine years ago at the age of 44 knocked the wind out of Joe Renaud and his wife Sarah. What began as a twitch in his thumb turned into a world of questions, concerns and fear as they wondered what a diagnosis of Parkinson’s meant – and what it would bring. As they started their journey of education and discovery, Joe began to realize that perhaps the Parkinson’s diagnosis was not as bad as other news he could have received. Havi... Read More

David Gilbert’ Story (2016)

David Gilbert In 2006, David Gilbert was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Although initially shocked by the news, David decided there was no time to dwell on it, only time to start taking control of his life, make the most of his days and to live his life to the fullest.  David has done just that, and has not looked back since. David acknowledges that since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, his daily life has changed and has brought many unexpected challenges. ... Read More

Avril Hickson’s Story (2016)

Avril Hickson  Avril Hickson’s husband, Garry, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in March 2004 at the age of 57.  “We had known for a couple of years that something wasn’t right,” said Avril. “We went through the usual testing – physio, etc., but when nothing seemed to help, we decided to see a specialist. After 45 minutes of testing with a neurologist, the doctor came into the room and gave us the feared diagnosis – Parkinson’s.” The common symp... Read More

Scott Dunbar’s Story (2016)

Scott Dunbar After Scott Dunbar’s Parkinson’s diagnosis in January 2012, it was not long before his family started brainstorming ways to show support for Scott through that difficult time. Specifically, his daughter Christine encouraged Scott and his family to get involved with the walk. “It was Christine’s idea. She wanted to show me support, but she also emphasized the importance of getting involved with an amazing event that raises funds for Parkinson’s research ... Read More