David Gilbert’ Story (2016)

David Gilbert In 2006, David Gilbert was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Although initially shocked by the news, David decided there was no time to dwell on it, only time to start taking control of his life, make the most of his days and to live his life to the fullest.  David has done just that, and has not looked back since. David acknowledges that since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, his daily life has changed and has brought many unexpected challenges. ... Read More

Avril Hickson’s Story (2016)

Avril Hickson  Avril Hickson’s husband, Garry, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in March 2004 at the age of 57.  “We had known for a couple of years that something wasn’t right,” said Avril. “We went through the usual testing – physio, etc., but when nothing seemed to help, we decided to see a specialist. After 45 minutes of testing with a neurologist, the doctor came into the room and gave us the feared diagnosis – Parkinson’s.” The common symp... Read More

Scott Dunbar’s Story (2016)

Scott Dunbar After Scott Dunbar’s Parkinson’s diagnosis in January 2012, it was not long before his family started brainstorming ways to show support for Scott through that difficult time. Specifically, his daughter Christine encouraged Scott and his family to get involved with the walk. “It was Christine’s idea. She wanted to show me support, but she also emphasized the importance of getting involved with an amazing event that raises funds for Parkinson’s research ... Read More

Phil Mullin’s Story (2016)

Phil Mullin  Phil Mullin has always been known for his sense of adventure and his involvement to the community.  As a former part of the Canadian Armed Forces, beef farmer and manager of the Saugeen Municipal Airport, he has shown time after time his passion for giving back. In 2011, Phil was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but that hasn’t stopped him. Eager to continue with his passionate community involvement, Phil is now known for the leadership and su... Read More

Lorne Hyatt’s Story (2016)

Lorne Hyatt  Lorne Hyatt was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease four years ago, although he suspected the diagnosis much earlier. Lorne was familiar with the signs of Parkinson’s as his dad also faced the life-altering disease. With a family greatly impacted by Parkinson’s, it was not long before Lorne’s eldest son, Craig, encouraged the entire family to get involved with the walk. Lorne is grateful that the medications have allowed him to live a fairly normal... Read More

Bob Cotie’s Story (2016)

Bob Cotie  Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease affecting approximately 10,000 individuals in Southwestern Ontario. Bob Cotie was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 5 years ago when he was 58, only two short years after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Although initially shocked by the diagnosis, Bob and his wife Debbie remain positive as they continuously learn about the disease and how to best cope with any upcoming changes. “My symptoms have pro... Read More

Megan and Wayne Walden’s Story (2016)

Megan and Wayne Walden  After Megan and Wayne Walden’s friend, Alan, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, they immediately sought ways to show support for their friend and his family. Megan and Wayne have been actively involved with the Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario (PSSO) community for over 17 years. The Waldens were first involved with the walk located in London, Ontario, but stayed hopeful that a walk could be planned in their hometown of Ingersoll.... Read More

Joy Blackburn’s Story (2016)

Joy Blackburn  Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder, diagnosed in approximately 100,000 Canadians. Although the adverse symptoms typically appear between ages 55 to 60, 10% of individuals with Parkinson’s will face an early diagnosis. This was the case for Joy Blackburn’s father, diagnosed at age 42. Joy Blackburn first heard about her father’s diagnosis when she was 12. “For me it was something I always knew, something I ... Read More

William Brennan’s Story (2016)

William Brennan  William Brennan and his family decided to get involved with Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario (PSSO) last year to support his father and to seek ways to get involved after his father’s diagnosis. That’s when he became aware of the walk. Hoping to gain some insight and to learn more about what can be done in the fight again Parkinson’s, William’s family made their first appearance at the walk and they never looked back. “I have seen how ... Read More

Brenda Anderson’s Story (2016)

Brenda Anderson  Diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1995, Brenda became aware of her local Chatham Parkinson’s support group through a good friend. Hoping to gain some insight and learn more about what to expect with her recent diagnosis, Brenda made her first visit – and never looked back. Brenda jumped right in. She helped with and spearheaded many of the activities and initiatives, not only with her own local group, but those that are also available through Parkin... Read More