Gary Welch

Gary’s first inkling that something wasn’t right occurred in 1992 while travelling through the British Isles. A developing weakness in his right arm, according to his doctor, was likely tennis elbow. The weakness never complete... Read More

Nelson Sleno

When Nelson Sleno was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 48, little did he know that thirteen years later he would be breaking provincial Powerlifting records. But getting there wasn’t always easy. What Nelson refers to as the ‘... Read More

Gary Dallner, Neil Tenney and Wayne McManus

Gary Dallner: Gary began his volunteer career with Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario (PSSO) in 1996 when a friend and fellow volunteer from a local Optimist Club encouraged him to get involved in the Lond... Read More

Marisa and Michelle Krulicki

Marisa and Michelle Krulicki began their involvement with Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario (PSSO) as walkers on Team Popsy at the Waterloo Regional walk in 2011. Marisa organized the team for her grandfather Bill Renaud, lov... Read More

Pamela Helmes-Hayes

It was her mother’s 23-year journey with Parkinson’s that ultimately launched Pamela Helmes- Hayes’ journey of volunteering. Sadly, she lost her mother in 2008. Over the years of seeing and supporting her mother through the progression of Parkinson’s,... Read More

Bob Cotie

Bob Cotie received his Parkinson’s diagnosis about nine years ago. Like many who are newly diagnosed, Bob researched Parkinson’s on the Internet. He landed on the Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario website (parkinsonsociety... Read More

Joe Renaud

The Parkinson’s diagnosis at the age of 44 knocked the wind out of Joe Renaud and his wife Sarah. What began as a twitch in his thumb turned into a world of questions, concerns and fear as they wondered what a diagnosis of Parkinson’s meant ... Read More

WALK-IT Walkers: Niki’s Story

“There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think of how Parkinson’s has impacted our lives” shares Niki. “Our mother was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2011 at the age of 68. She spent her life... Read More

WALK-IT Walker: June Corriveau

June Corriveau was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age sixty, just five years ago.  Although it has been an adjustment, she refuses to let Parkinson’s take control of her life. Living with the disease has definitely slowe... Read More

WALK-IT Walker: Carolyn Young

Being a two-time cancer survivor, Carolyn Young of Sarnia was ready for a fight when she received her Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2012. She decided to approach her journey with Parkinson’s with the same fighting attitude and sense of positivity that she used to fight cancer. “I try to control what I can with this disease. Otherwise, it will become ‘the boss of me’ and I am too stubborn and determined to allow that,” she said. After hearing about the Parkinson’s walk at the Sarnia-L... Read More