Shaking Hands

This chronicles the life of a man, short in stature but huge in spirit, who grows from rebellious youth to successful teacher and athlete, representing his country numerous times on the work athletic stage, risking life and limb in extreme mountain biking and getting a black belt in Karate in his forties. At forty-eight, the first signs of what were to be his greatest challenge for the next ten years, indeed for the rest of his life, showed themselves, setting off a decision to not sit back idly and let Parkinson’s disease defeat his warrior spirit.

Ride along as Nelson plans and executes his strategies to force back the onslaught of “The Darkness”.

Have no doubt, living with Parkinson’s and not succumbing to its degenerative nature requires nothing less than a total plan to ward off its far reaching effects.

Nelson summons allies to support him in his battles and chronicles his encounters with his heroes who strengthen him daily.

Nelson is selling Shaking Hands and Beyond Shaking Hands, both books together for $20.
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