The conference is designed to provide information and support to people living and working with Parkinson’s. Our professional speakers are dedicated to helping people live better with Parkinson’s.

Highly regarded by both those within the Parkinson’s community and the healthcare profession, the Conference is always one of the years highlights.

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We had a fascinating lineup of speakers:

Dr. Jeff Holmes
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
Western University, London
Optimizing Environmental Adaptations for the Enhancement of Agency and Independence

Dr. Mandar Jog

Movement Disorders Specialist
Director, Movement Disorders Clinic
London Health Sciences Centre, London
Update in Parkinson’s Research

Dr. Dwight Stewart
Movement Disorders Specialist
Cambridge Neurology, Cambridge
Parkinson’s Hot Topics (with Dr. Jog)

John Baumann

Inspiring Success Speaker & Author: Decide Success
Positively Un-Shake-Able: What You Can Do to Succeed in Living the Best Life Possible



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What attendees have said about past conferences:

“These conferences are extremely important to Parkinson’s disease patients and caregivers for information and support.”

“Topics were very informative and current.”

“(She) was a very interesting speaker. Her knowledge was amazing and explaining everything was just great.”


Click here for recordings from past conferences