PSSO awards $96,000 for the establishment of Brain Bank for Parkinson’s disease

Dr. Mandar Jog, London Movement Disorders Center and Lawson Research Institute were awarded $96,000 from Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario for the establishment of the London Movement Disorders Centre Southwestern Ontario Brain Bank for Parkinson’s disease. The announcement took place on April 11th at the Parkinson’s Medical Reception.

“Having a Brain Bank is an essential part of the investigation for furthering the understanding of Parkinson’s disease (PD).  We hope that this brain bank will be a legacy repository for the current and future generation of researchers all across Canada,” says Dr. Jog.

Shelley Rivard, CEO of Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario, is excited about the investment in research on this long-lasting legacy project.  Establishing a brain bank specifically for PD represents a first of its kind in Southwestern Ontario. Brain banks are key resources that promote translational research by providing an interface between personal donation and laboratories. They function to collect, catalogue and preserve neurological tissue, with the intent to distribute and study, while adhering to guidelines.  Ultimately, this may have implications for future personalized treatment strategies for PD. 

Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario receives no government funding.  Funds for research initiatives such as the Brain Bank are received through generous donations of individual donors, foundations, corporations and fundraising events. If you would like further information about this initiative, the services of Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario or how to make a donation, please call 1-888-851-7376 or email [email protected].

About London Movement Disorders Centre

Under the direction of Dr. Jog the Centre has been operating since 1998 and continues to grow its geographic reach, patient volume and research capacity.  The Centre focuses on treatment of patients with neurological movement disorders, including Parkinson’s Disease, Dystonia, Tremor and many related diseases. Our neurological team of physicians, nurses, researchers, and clinical trial coordinators strive to bring our patients the highest possible level of care.  Our vision to become the global leader in diagnostic and therapeutic development for movement disorders and our mission follows these four strategies:  Patient Care, Clinical Research, Education and Training and Technology Commercialization.