Be Prepared for Hospital Stays with the Aware in Care Kit


The Aware in Care kit is designed to protect, prepare and empower people with Parkinson’s before, during and after a hospital visit.  Each kit contains tools and information to help plan for the next hospital stay – whether it is a planned visit or an emergency.


Pack the Aware In Care Kit with your medications.  The kit contains:

Hospital Action Plan – helps prepare you for your next hospital visit. 
Parkinson’s ID Bracelet – wear at all times in case of an emergency.
Medical Alert Card – complete and place in your wallet.
Medication Form – complete and keep copies in your kit.
Parkinson’s Fact Sheet – Share with hospital staff so a copy can be placed with your chart.
I Have Parkinson’s Reminder Slips – share vital information about Parkinson’s with staff.
Thank You Card – Present to a staff member who provides high quality care.
Magnet –use to display a copy of your medication form in your hospital room.


Aware in Care Webinar – Recording


The Aware in Care kit is $50 or free to monthly donors (arrangements for pick-up may be made otherwise there is a $15 shipping charge. 
Call 1-888-851-7376 or email [email protected] to request your Aware in Care kit.