Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario offers groups in 24 communities. These groups are led by volunteer facilitators. In some communities there are several support groups to meet diverse needs. People with Parkinson’s, carepartners and family members attend support group meetings. Individuals are encouraged to call 1-888-851-7376 before attending their first meeting.

What Happens at a Support Group?

Each Support Group is unique and is designed to meet the needs of the group members who attend. Most support groups meet once a month to discuss challenges, share success stories or ask questions of each other for support. Many groups bring in guest speakers from time to time to offer expertise on specific topics, and other groups focus on exercise to help improve Parkinson’s symptoms. In some locations, carepartner support groups have formed to provide a supportive environment for carepartners to share their experiences with each other. All Parkinson’s support groups respect a high standard of confidentiality and anonymity.

Parkinson Support Group Locations: