What is PEP?

PEP, the Parkinson Education Program, is a broad ‘Train-the-Trainer’ program that is designed to maximize our capacity to provide consistent, continuous and high-quality information about Parkinson’s to various audiences in a cost-effective manner.


PEP for Community Caregivers

The first stage of PEP, PEP for Community Caregivers, focuses on the education of Community Caregivers who work directly with people who have advanced Parkinson’s. We believe that by introducing PEP for Community Caregivers:

  • People with advanced Parkinson’s remain in their homes longer.
  • The number and duration of hospital stays are reduced.
  • People with advanced Parkinson’s experience a better quality of life – whether at home, in the hospital or in long-term care.
  • Community Caregivers are better equipped with knowledge that is easing their burden as well as the burden of the person with advanced Parkinson’s.


What are the Immediate Next Steps?

  • Secure funds to maintain PEP for Community Caregivers.
  • Develop and implement PEP for General Public


How can I help?

If you wish to have more information about the project or the specific requirements for becoming a trainer, please contact Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario at 1-888-851-7376 or [email protected]