New Look – Renewed Hope – NEW WALK

Be part of the excitement – get involved in WALK-IT for Parkinson’s this September! WALK-IT for Parkinson’s is Parkinson Society Southwe... Read More

The Parkinson’s Update – Issue 63 now available

The Parkinsons Update - Issue 63 is now available Read More

New Look – Renewed Hope!

Effective December 31, 2015, The Parkinson Canada Federation was dissolved, and as a result, Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario is no longer affiliated with Parkinson Society... Read More

Top Teams and Walkers

Thank you to everyone that participated in our walk last September! TOP TEAMS: Team Parker (London and District) $23,785 Renaud's Raiders (Wi... Read More

New documentary maps Andy Barrie’s life with Parkinson’s

It is, as they say a "small film." Just 13-and-a-half minutes long. But since the documentary The Voice was posted online this past weekend, it's already having a big ... Read More

New booklet raises awareness of non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

When Keith Goobie was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (PD), he and his partner Roslyn Patrick did their homework to arm themselves with as much knowledge as possible about the m... Read More

What is the Portland Countdown?

In preparation for the 4th World Parkinson Congress in Portland in 2016, two highly experienced journalists (who are also living with Parkinson's) survey the landscape of Parkinson... Read More

Celebrate Year of the Brain in 2015

Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario has joined a host of other organizations across Southwestern Ontario to raise awareness of the brain during 2015. To find out more or to atte... Read More

Bill 21 Passes Final Vote: A Step in the Right Direction

Bill 21 Passes Final Vote: A Step in the Right Direction - Parkinson Society is pleased to announce that Bill 21, the Employment Standards Amendments Act (Leaves to Help Families),... Read More