Making Sure You’re Okay

Recognizing that the wellness of our clients and CarePartners is paramount during this time, Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario (PSSO) is pleased to announce that the ECSF (Emergency Community Support Fund) funding has been received from the United Way of Windsor-Essex County and the United Way Waterloo Region Communities for a 3-month long Wellness Consultant.  PSSO has a team of part-time individuals reaching out to members of our Parkinson’s community to check on their wellbeing, listen and ensure they are being connected to programs or services they might require through PSSO staff. 

This is a crucial service for those who are being challenged by the most recent provincial lockdown, or are feeling isolated, or disconnected.  Your physical and mental health is important to maintain, and we want to make sure you’re receiving the services you need.  If you hear from either Devin, Cindy or Pat, say “hello”… they’re calling to hear YOU!

Thanks to our United Way Partners for supporting this initiative!