Henry Veenstra’s Story

Henry Veenstra – Oxford County

Parkinson’s disease is not well-known or understood by the majority of Canadians. People don’t usually learn about Parkinson’s until someone close to them has been diagnosed; or, if you are diagnosed yourself.  That’s what happened to Henry Veenstra of Embro.

Henry’s life has changed a lot since his diagnosis 7 years ago.  “I tire much more easily and have to watch my balance so I don’t fall, especially on stairs,” he said. “I also have lost some of the fine motor control in my right hand so I tend to drop things.”  In order to help fight back against the disease and help raise awareness, Henry attended his first Parkinson’s walk 5 years ago on the encouragement of a friend who also has Parkinson’s.

Henry was the top fundraiser at the 2016 WALK-IT for Parkinson’s in Oxford County and was always one of the top fundraisers in the previous events he attended.  “I appreciate that the funds raised at WALK-IT for Parkinson’s stay in Southwestern Ontario,” said Henry.  “It’s nice to know that we’re helping other people with Parkinson’s right here in Oxford County.”

Thanks to Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario and events like WALK-IT for Parkinson’s, Henry is now able to stay on top of the latest news about Parkinson’s research, treatments, and services.  He hopes that his efforts will help the next person know who to turn to for help when they or someone they love is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

About WALK-IT for Parkinson’s

WALK-IT for Parkinson’s will take place on September 10, 2017 at the South Gate Centre in Oxford County. Visit www.walk-it.ca to register and to find more information about Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario.