Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario Graduate Student Scholarship Program is a strategic initiative to encourage young scientists to enter the field of Parkinson’s research and to invest in research and training that offers promise for future work in the area of Parkinson’s Disease. PSSO provides awards up to $25,000 CDN to outstanding graduate students who meet the eligibility criteria of the Program and who have been approved by the Program’s Adjudication Committee.

“Science and the development of new ideas and thoughts is the golden rule for innovating better and important therapies. This is especially true for the brave new world of neurodegenerative disorders as we understand them today. Graduate students that support this mandate are absolutely essential in providing the manpower and fuel. Without funding for these students, scientific advancement would grind to a halt. The role of funding agencies is to foster and inculcate these young minds so that the future of science in studying Parkinson’s disease remains bright.”   Dr. Mandar Jog


Now accepting applications for the 2021 Graduate Student Scholarship Program

Important Dates:

Deadline for Applications – February 16, 2021
Notification of Successful Applications – April 2021
Funding Start Date – June 1, 2021
Funding End Date – May 31, 2022


Graduate Student Program Application Guidelines
2021 Graduate Student Program Application Form
2021 Graduate Student Program Referee Ranking Form


Past Recipients:

2020 Graduate Student Scholarship Recipients

2018 Graduate Student Scholarship Program Recipients

2017 Graduate Student Scholarship Program Recipients