Graduate Student Scholarship Program

Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario Graduate Student Scholarship Program is a strategic initiative to encourage young scientists to enter the field of Parkinson’s research and to invest in research and training that offers promise for future work in the area of Parkinson’s Disease. PSSO provides awards up to $25,000 CDN to outstanding graduate students who meet the eligibility criteria of the Program and who have been approved by the Program’s Adjudication Committee.

Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario invited applications from applicants committed to conducting Parkinson’s research in areas relevant to the treatment of motor and non-motor symptoms.  This initiative is consistent with, and reflects PSSO’s commitment to support research in the Southwestern Ontario region and to foster leadership potential in this area.

“Science and the development of new ideas and thoughts is the golden rule for innovating better and important therapies. This is especially true for the brave new world of neurodegenerative disorders as we understand them today. Graduate students that support this mandate are absolutely essential in providing the manpower and fuel. Without funding for these students, scientific advancement would grind to a halt. The role of funding agencies is to foster and inculcate these young minds so that the future of science in studying Parkinson’s disease remains bright.”   Dr. Mandar Jog


Congratulations to our 2018 Graduate Student Scholarship Program Recipients!




Researcher: Daryn Cushnie-Sparrow, Western University
Supervisor:  Dr. Scott Adams
Grant: $20,000
Project: Efficacy Study of the Speech-to-Noise Feedback (SNF) Device                      





Researcher: Erind Alushaj, Western University
Supervisor: Dr. Penny MacDonald
Grant: $15,000
Project: MRI Study: Uncovering Preclinical Biomarkers of Parkinson’s Disease




Researcher: Michael Tauro, Western University
Supervisor:  Dr. Martin Dunnewald
Grant: $15,000
Project: Identifying New Approaches that will Help to Address How Alpha-Synuclein Contributes to Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease




Past Recipients:

2017 Graduate Student Scholarship Program Recipients