Employee Involvement

Employees can become involved by volunteering, hosting their own fundraiser, putting together a WALK-IT for Parkinson’s team or promoting casual days in the workplace.



  • Become a volunteer today and help those living with Parkinson’s.
  • There are many volunteer opportunities: become a committee member for your favourite event; become a regular office volunteer; distribute educational material; or select something else from our list of volunteer opportunities.
  • Contact your human resources department and find out if your organization has a volunteer program. Some organizations donate or match pledges for their employees’ volunteer efforts.


Host Your Own Fundraiser


Casual Days

  • Have a dress-down (or up) day, wear a funny hat or hold a theme day!
  • Collect a loonie or toonie from employees to participate.


To find out more about how you and/or your organization can help, Jessica Halls at 1-888-851-7376 or [email protected]