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NEW – ONLINE Parkinson’s Education Program (PEP) for Community Caregivers


The Parkinson Education Program (PEP) for Community Caregivers is an introductory eight-module online educational series offered by Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario. This program is aimed at caregivers (e.g., nurses, personal support workers, allied health professionals) who provide care to individuals living with moderate to severe Parkinson’s. The program is ideal for healthcare professionals working in community settings (e.g., home health care, retirement homes, long-term care homes and hospitals) caring for those living with Parkinson’s. 


The online modules include:

  • What is Parkinson’s?
  • Communication
  • Emotional and Psychiatric Changes
  • Sleep and Fatigue
  • Nutrition and Swallowing
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Movement and Mobility
  • Medical Treatment


Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario welcomes all long-term care homes, retirement residences, community organizations, hospitals and home healthcare agencies interested in educating their staff about Parkinson’s. Each module takes approximately 35 to 60 minutes to complete. It includes a multiple-choice quiz at the end, requiring a minimum of 80% passing grade.

After completing all modules of the Parkinson’s Education Program (PEP) for Community Caregivers, a personalized Certificate of Completion is issued.


By taking this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s
  • Understand the current treatment options available for Parkinson’s
  • Develop strategies to better manage communication deficits common in Parkinson’s
  • Understand and support emotional and psychiatric changes in Parkinson’s
  • Help improve sleep quality and use strategies to conserve energy during the day
  • Have knowledge on the impact of dietary protein on medications, how to keep bones healthy with Parkinson’s and strategies for dealing with trouble swallowing, heartburn and poor appetite
  • Feel confident in supporting activities of daily living for someone living with Parkinson’s
  • Understand motor fluctuations, freezing and festination of gait, falls in Parkinson’s and strategies that can be implemented to improve safety and mobility
  • Recognize the importance of medication schedules, fluctuations, types of medications and ways to cope with adverse effects of medications

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For inquiries about PEP for Community Caregivers or to become a Volunteer Mentor for the PEP for Community Caregivers, please email [email protected]