Bob Cotie

Bob Cotie received his Parkinson’s diagnosis about nine years ago. Like many who are newly diagnosed, Bob researched Parkinson’s on the Internet. He landed on the Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario website ( and registered for the Regional Parkinson’s Conference.

After attending a couple of Parkinson’s conferences, Bob felt compelled to get involved. He began volunteering with the Port Elgin, Kincardine and Area Walk for Parkinson’s and has been a part of the planning committee for four years now. Bob’s focus is on visiting local businesses in order to obtain corporate sponsors and the local corporate community has been very generous.

Bob Cotie recently retired as a pastor at two churches. He remains very involved in the community by helping to provide free dinners every Monday night through the generosity of one of his sponsors, The Queen’s Bar and Grill. He is also involved with the local food bank.

Bob understands the value of attending support groups. He enjoys attending the Young-Onset Parkinson’s Coffee Club in Hanover where he has gotten to know a number of people. Bob and his wife Deb also spend some time in Florida where they have met others living with Parkinson’s. There is the possibility of starting a support group there as well.

Bob has been enjoying his volunteer experience and is very impressed with the amount of dedication he sees with others volunteering for Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario in his community. He feels that volunteers are necessary to get things happening, like education, awareness and research.

The Port Elgin, Kincardine and Area WALK-IT for Parkinson’s has become an annual event for Bob and his family. The group of about 18 (kids and grandkids) not only participate in the walk, but also come early to help with set-up. Volunteering is truly a family affair!