Merck & Co. (known as MSD internationally) has informed regulatory health agencies that additional shortages (from the previous June shortage) of SINEMET® products are expected from fall 2018 through spring 2019.  As of October 15th, the following products are subject to delays:


Product Name Anticipated Out of Stock Date Anticipated Resupply
SINEMET® 100mg/25mg November 16, 2018 (anticipated) Unknown
SINEMET® 250mg/25mg October 15, 2018 (actual) January 31, 2019
SINEMET® CR 100mg/25mg June 28, 2018 (actual) December 31, 2018
SINEMET® CR 200mg/50mg February 28, 2019 (anticipated) Unknown


Merck outsources the manufacture of Sinemet (levidopa-carbidopa) to an outside contract manufacturing organization but packages the drug itself.  According to Merck, manufacturing-related delays are not the only issue causing the shortage.  In a statement Merck noted that, “Historically, generic manufacturers have supplied most of the levodopa, and MSD has provided a small amount of the medicine to the market.  Recently, however, supply of this medicine from generic manufacturers has declined, and MSD has received an increased in orders for the product, far exceeding our forecast.”


We would encourage those people with Parkinson’s who may be affected to speak to their neurologist, GP or pharmacist about possible alternatives.


The most up-to-date information regarding SINEMET® supply details is available at