A Message from CEO Shelley Rivard

Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario (PSSO) recently learned that one of our third-party providers, Blackbaud, has experienced a ransomware attack that impacted many of its clients around the world, including PSSO, which may have involved your personal information.  We are committed to the protection and privacy of your data, so we are informing you of what transpired so you can take extra precautions.

PSSO manages personal information related to our stakeholders for the purpose of volunteer and donor relations, communications and historical record keeping through Blackbaud, software provider for non-profit organizations.

We were notified on Thursday July 16th, that Blackbaud had discovered and stopped a ransomware attack in May.  While PSSO was not specifically targeted, data from PSSO that may have been affected includes contact information – names, addresses, phone numbers, email address, gender as well as historical giving.  Blackbaud has assured us that data such as credit card numbers, usernames and passwords were not compromised as they were encrypted.  The cyber criminal’s ransom was paid and relevant data was destroyed, according to the update provided by Blackbaud.

Blackbaud has informed us that there is no reason to believe that data related to our organization will be misused, but we recommend that you exercise extra caution.

Blackbaud has carried out an internal investigation with the assistance of outside cybersecurity experts and law enforcement and is confident that the data was removed and has not been further used or disclosed.  As extra precautionary measures, their investigators are continuing to monitor usage of data taken.

In addition to notify you of this incident, we have taken the following steps:

  • We have informed the Information and Privacy Commissioner and will follow their advice on additional safety protocols
  • We are working with Blackbaud to understand why this happened, what actions they are taking to increase their security, and to enable multi-factor authentication to protect our data in the future

We appreciate the trust and support of the PSSO community and regret the concerns that this may have caused.  We are here to address your questions or concerns by calling 1-888-851-7376 or email [email protected].