We awarded funds to three Graduate Students totaling $50,000 this past April at the Parkinson’s Medical Reception. The Graduate Student Research Program is part of a strategic initiative to encourage young scientists to enter the field of Parkinson’s research and to invest in research and training that offers promise for future work in the area of Parkinson’s. We were excited to award this year’s recipients: Thea Knowles, Olivia Samotus and Andrew Vo.

Dr Scott Adams and Thea Knowles


Researcher:  Thea Knowles

Grant: $20,000

Project Title: A Comparison of Voice Amplifiers and Personal Communication Systems in Individuals with Parkinson’s disease




Olivia Samotus and Dr. Mandar Jog


Researcher: Olivia Samotus

Grant: $20,000

 Project Title: Investigating Spinal Cord Stimulation for Treating Gait Impairments in Advanced Parkinson’s Disease Patients




Andrew Vo and Dr. Penny MacDonald


Researcher: Andrew Vo

Grant: $10,000

Project Title: Evolution of Cognitive Symptoms and Effects of Dopamine Replacement Therapy in Parkinson’s disease: A Pharmacological MRI Investigation